General Steel - GenStone Custom Exteriors

Do you want to enhance the appearance of your new General Steel building? Our custom exteriors can dramatically enhance the look of steel buildings. These simulated products can give forex trading in dubai your steel building the look of rock, stone, and brick for a fraction of the cost of using the actual materials.

General Steel exterior products are ideal for both residential and commercial projects. Since they are easily attached to the exterior of your building using screws and adhesives, you can have the exterior of a General Steel building looking as though it took months and thousands of dollars to complete. General Steel Buildings - GenStone Installation Guide.

Want to create the look of stone inside your General Steel building? Our custom exterior finishes are perfect for interior applications. For example, instead of hiring someone put brick around your fireplace, you could apply General Steel's simulated brick product and achieve the same look. These products look so authentic that most people will never be able to tell the difference.

building before custom exterior
after custom exterior
Building Before GenStone Exterior
Building After GenStone Exterior

General Steel Exteriors Cost Savings

Adding General Steel's custom exteriors to steel buildings is very economical. Traditionally, to create a stone front on a building, you would have to hire a mason. The mason is going to charge you for labor and materials. Since the materials are not cheap and the project can take a long time to complete the job can be costly. General Steel's custom exterior products can look as good, if not better, than using the actual materials and are a fraction of the cost.

Perfect Job Every Time

When adding real brick or stone to a building, you usually have to hire a mason. Laying stone and brick properly can be challenging even for the best masons. To hire an experienced mason is not only costly, but there is still a chance that the job may not be completed exactly the way you want. Why take the risk? Genstone can create the appearance you are after and because of the way the product is manufactured it looks like the job was done perfect every time.

GenStone Durability

Genstone products are highly-durable. These products are manufactured of high-impact resistant structural polyurethane. This is the same material used in ocean aquariums and theme parks. Genstone has been designed to endure the harshest of elements. All Genstone products are UV stable and carry a 25 year warranty against UV degradation to keep your General Steel building looking great well into the future.

General Steel GenStone - Learn more about the benefits here.

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