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General Steel Simulated Random Rock

Nothing can add to the appearance of a building like a random rock finish. General Steel's GenStone simulated random rock product can give your steel building the appearance of random rock much quicker than using traditional methods and at a price that is affordable.

What is random rock?

Random rock is when rocks of various sizes and shapes are cemented together. Traditionally, to achieve the random rock finish you would have to hire an experienced mason. Since creating a random rock finish can be very challenging for even the most experienced mason, this type of finish can be costly and out of the budget range for many people.

General Steel's GenStone simulated random rock finish has finally made creating a random rock finish more affordable for all types of projects. We have been able to achieve a realistic look by assembling a master set of real stones from which our random rock product has been casted.

General Steel Random Rock Product Specifications

Random Rock - Mixed Panel
Random Rock - Mixed Panel - Close View


Random Rock - Ivory Panel
Random Rock - Ivory Panel - Close View


Random Rock - Mesa Panel
Random Rock - Mesa Panel - Close View


Random Rock - Sierra Panel
Random Rock - Sierra Panel - Close View



Side Profiles
Random Rock - Mixed Ledger
Random Rock - Ivory Ledger
Random Rock - Mesa Ledger
Random Rock - Sierra Ledger



Random Rock - Mixed Corner
Random Rock - Ivory Corner
Random Rock - Mesa Corner
Random Rock - Sierra Corner


1. Approximately 2' X 4' Panel / 2' x 2' corners / 4 linear ft ledgers / 4 Linear Ft Trim.
2. Approximately 1 ¾" thick.
3. 98% closed-cell structural polyurethane construction.
4. Weighs approximately 1 pound per square foot.
5. Water proof.
6. Zero UV degradation.
7. Highly durable and impact resistant.
8. Provides significant R Value (insulation value) to most applications.
9. Easy to install using simple hand tools.
10. Covers 7 sq. ft.

Why hire someone to add a traditional random rock finish to your building when you can use General Steel's GenStone random rock product for less money. Not only is using our simulated random rock product more cost effective, but the result can be perfect every time.

General Steel GenStone - Learn more about the benefits here.

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