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General Steel Simulated Brick

General Steel's GenStone simulated brick product is an excellect way to dramatically change the appearance of your steel building, inside or out. Our simulated brick product looks just like real bricks, but may be easily added to your building for a fraction of the cost.

Simulated Brick Advantages

In the past, to give your steel building the appearance of brick, you would need to hire an experienced mason. Although masons typically do great work. To complete the project would often be expensive and time consuming.

One drawback of bricks is that they are heavy. To use traditional brick for finishing puposes, you need to be sure that the structure is capable of supporting the additional weight of the materials.

General Steel's Simulated brick is not only more economical, but it is easy to install and can usually be done by one person using simple hand tools. Since simulated brick products are lightweight, they are perfect for all types of projects.


General Steel Random Rock Product Specifications

Early American Deep Red Panel
Early American Multi-Colored Panel
Red Panel
Brick Red Ledger
Early American Deep Red Corner
Early American Multi-Colored Corner

1. Approximately 2' X 4' Panel / 2' x 1' corners / 4 linear ft ledgers / 4 linear ft trim.
2. Approximately 1" thick.
3. 98% closed-cell structural polyurethane construction.
4. Weighs approximately 1 pound per square foot.
5. Water proof.
6. Zero UV degradation.
7. Highly durable and impact resistant.
8. Provides significant R Value (insulation value) to most applications.
9. Easy to install using simple hand tools.
10. Covers 7 sq ft.

Why hire someone to add a traditional brick finish to your building when you can use General Steel's GenStone simulated brick product for less money. Not only is using our simulated brick product more cost effective, but the result can be perfect every time.

General Steel GenStone - Learn more about the benefits here.

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