General Steel - GenStone Installation Guide 2

Applying Product: General Steel's GenStone can be fastened over wood substrates using wood screws, masonry substrates using concrete screws, and steel substrates using self-tapping screws. The screws must be exterior-grade for outside applications and must penetrate the substrate a minimum of 1". The screw-head should be counter sunk about 1/8" and then covered with GenStone grout.

GenStone panels must be fastened every 8" along the shiplap edge. The panel above it and to the right will conceal these fasteners by the overlapping shiplap edge. You will need to apply approximately 3-4 screws in the formed grout joint on the bottom left-hand side of the panel to ensure firm attachment to the substrate where they may be easily hidden with the GenStone grout.

Prior to installing General Steel's GenStone, a level line consistent with the substrate should be set at the bottom of the substrate. This is necessary to ensure proper installation, as not all substrates are level. After the line has been set, begin with the bottom left corner, applying the product left to right. Place the panel in its designated position to check the fit. Panel should be attached using the proper fasteners (see above), set approximately 8" apart, along the positive shiplap edge. It is recommended that every other horizontal row begin with a 1/2 panel to ensure that the seams are staggered, further enhancing the seamless appearance. To fit an inside corner, miter cut each panel at a 45 degree angle. Apply touch up paint to the cut area before attaching the panels. Once the panels are in place, apply GenStone grout to all exposed joints and screw-heads. Again, work the grout to acheive a blended appearance.

Application Over Wood Substrates: When applying General Steel's GenStone products over exterior wood substrates, a moisture barrier is required. Apply the moisture barrier (such as tar paper products) sterting from the botton to top and overlapping each edge by two inches (refer to the manufacturers instructions). When applying GenStone products over interior wood substrates, a moisture barrier is not required. Apply GenStone products using exterior-grade screws as required. (see " Applying Product").

Application Over Masonry: General Steel's products can be applied over brick, block, or concrete, but the application requires some different tools and materials. Place the GenStone panel on the wall with adhesive, hold panel in place, and fasten panel using a concrete screw, such as a tapcon. Use a fastener with a small enough head to allow it to be completely sunk, approximately 1/8" into the panel. (see "Applying Product").

Application Over Steel: General Steel's GenStone products can be applied over steel sheeting. When applying over a commercial-grade pre-engineered steel building, OSB board is required. Attach OSB board to the steel sheeting at the high rib using self-tapping screws, and attach GenStone to the OSB (see "Application over Wood Substrates"). When using GenStone as a Wainscoat, a metal closure should be applied to the top edge. (metal closures and OSB are not provided by General Steel).

Application Over Dry Wall: (See "Application over Wood Substrates").

Handling: General Steel's GenStone products are made of structural polyurethane. Although very durable and impact resistant, they should be handled carefully, as certain impacts may cause damage. GenStone products should not be stored at an angle, or they may be susceptible to warping. The edges and backside of panels are not UV protected, as they will be concealed after installation. Prior to installation, these edges should not be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Leave product in original packaging prior to installation.

Repairing and Patching: Small scars and gouges in the surface of General Steel's GenStone products can be easily repaired. Simply apply a small amount of color-matched paint to the affected area and work it in until achieving a blended appearance. Severely damaged areas can be repaired by cutting out the damaged area and replacing it with a similar piece of GenStone product. Keep in mind that unprotected urethane is susceptible to sunlight. It is important to be sure that any exposed or damaged areas are sufficiently covered with the suggested Sherwin-Williams paint (A80 exterior grade, water-based, mat finished paint).


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